Grassroots Harm Reduction member organizations are independent, peer-based, mostly volunteer groups around the country providing education and harm reduction services in their local communities. Membership is free and confers benefits in terms of low cost supplies.

If you are part of a local harm reduction group interested in joining our network, or an individual wanting to start a group in your area, please email us at or give us a call at 415-707-3760. We’re your peers and are here to support you.

Criteria For Becoming A Member Org

1. Peer-based & locally focused

Member Orgs must be by, of, and for the community, with no separation between service providers and service receivers. Members of the group are part of the community they serve and are not managed or coordinated on behalf of, or by, an outsider staff.

2. Autonomous

Member Orgs must be fully autonomous entities who can make all of their own decisions. Organizations with sanctioned chapters that must abide by the rules of that org are not autonomous and cannot be member orgs. We would be happy to work with these types of orgs, but our mission is insistent upon local organizations having full autonomy to operate however they see fit within their local communities. Every community is different, and many needs are locally specific. We want Member Orgs to act in the best interest of their community at all times. This is why we’ve chosen the word “grassroots” as part of our name.

3. More than one person

Positive social or cultural change comes through organizing. The definition of organizing is people coming together to make change. The words “social” and “culture” and “organization” all imply groups, not lone individuals. We intend to help individuals learn how to organize. And we intend to help individuals do harm reduction work even if they don’t want to organize. But a member org is by definition an organization. We encourage individuals to learn how to organize but also understand that individuals doing good in their community deserve support.

Our Current Member Orgs

  1. KMFK Safety Services (Pittsburgh, PA)
  2. SafeRaveNYC (New York City)
  3. Revelry Wellbeing (Tampa, FL)
  4. Rebel Harm Reduction (New York City)
  5. Wicked Clowns Harm Reduction (Columbus, OH)
  6. The LowDown (Charlotte, NC)
  7. Stabbin Wagon (Medford, OR)
  8. Punk Rock Saves Lives (National)
  9. Happy Campers (Las Vegas, NV)
  10. Juggalos In Recovery (National)

Our Current Partner Orgs

Partner Orgs are just like Member Orgs, but don’t fully meet the criteria. We work very closely with these orgs in our shared mission.

  1. FentCheck

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